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Our Business

Musanda Services has interests in various industries through its diverse portfolio and product offering ensuring that our customers and clients receive the best quality products and services.


Musanda Services provides quality ICT products and training in various sectors with special interests in education, rural development and fiber optic cables.


Musanda Services is the proud sole owner and supplier of Musanda Cement which is highly recommended by various construction companies and builders.

Industrial Solutions

Musanda Services offers various industrial products and support to the private and public sector. Our interests here are mainly in oil, diesel, lubricants, industrial equipments and electrical supplies

Business Support and Consultancy

Musanda Services offers quality business support and consultancy through its highly qualified team of experts. Our company offers services around marketing, sales, strategic planning, consulting, web design and many more.

About Us

Musanda Services was founded in 2009 as a 100% black-owned investments company with diverse portfolio stretching into various industries. Our key interests in the ICT, Cement, Industrial Solutions and Business Consultancy. Our company has clients across South Africa, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Botswana, Ghana and Nigeria. The company's business philosophy rests on empowering its clients to conduct business better through the use of our products and services ensuring that they deliver profitable earnings and capable management through our consultancy and business training departments. Musanda Services prides itself in hiring talented skilled individuals that manage projects efficiently. Musanda Services broad-based ownership demonstrates its commitment to empowerment and transformation. A big part of its earning are redistributed to the public through education initiatives that empower learners from disadvantaged communities through ICT.